Strong arguments for birth control

Hey, remember these guys?:

You know, that grassroots, civil society, grassroots, spontaneous, grassroots movement of young people who just happened to all think Qualified Majority Voting (or ‘QMV’ as the young people call it) was really ‘hip to the groove’. Well apparently…

 We’re back and here’s why

Wonderful. Wait, I assumed they’d disbanded after Lisbon. How did they suddenly decide that they wanted to reform and campaign for this treaty too? Did they have an AGM or something? Doesn’t mention anything about it. Its almost as if they’re not actually a grassroots youth movement at all but rather an IBEC-linked astroturf group designed to channel the worldview of our failed ruling class through the mouths of chirpy, inoffensive young liberals. Almost as if.

Still, a fresh, youthful perspective is always welcome. So, what do they have to say for themselves? Well, apparently even Generation Yes- whose whole purpose is to feign enthusiasm for bullshit European treaties- can’t bring themselves to feign enthusiasm for this bullshit European treaty.

 “First things first, we don’t “love” this Treaty. It’s not the kind of agreement that makes us jump for joy and punch the air.

So, what is their deal? Well:

 “Because – and here’s some positive news – the content of the Treaty is actually a short list of pretty sensible rules that make sure governments spend money wisely.

 Y’know, like on bondholders and stuff instead of wasteful boondoggles like job creation.

 “It also has to be said – no matter which way you look at it – that Ireland needs a huge amount of funding to keep the country running next year. And this isn’t cash to bail out more banks. This is cash to pay the teachers, nurses, doctors and to pay for social welfare too. We can’t get at that cash without approving the treaty.

 Wow, what a fresh, original perspective. These guys make a crucial contribution to the debate.

This is good though. I’ve been meaning to ask someone from the Lisbon referendums about all those jobs they were on about. Story with that? But wait,  they’ve got some questions for us first.

1. Where’s the money?

Ok, well that’s been answered pretty comprehensively in a number of different ways by now. Essentially, the government is able to veto their own main argument for the passing of the treaty and in any case these ‘bailouts’ are a disaster and a direct result of the policies codified in the treaty. So, when are the jobs coming lads? Nope, still more questions…

2. No, seriously, where’s the money?

So they’re still not satisfied. Apparently vetoing the ESM:

amounts to threatening to slash the tyres of the ambulance our neighbours have just sent to rescue us and then demanding one with a nicer siren.

Here, the mask slips and the class contempt for those suffering from austerity is expressed openly. You ungrateful peasants, complaining about the siren on your ambulance. I remember I had to get an ambulance once and before taking me to the hospital they demanded I pay back a bunch of unguaranteed bondholders with money I’d stolen from a special needs child. Come on guys, its just common sense!

Now, about those jobs?

3. Where’s the f*@king money??

Where’s the fucking jobs??

Then, finally:

We’re not going to waste your time with slogans like “Yes to Jobs”, with baseless threats or with poorly informed statements.”

But…but you were JUST saying…Sigh, some days this stuff practically combats itself.